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I was born in a small town in the southern part of India in a state called Tamil Nadu. Though a Muslim by birth, I grew up in a family that valued Indian tradition and culture more than religion. My ancestors devoted their lives to Indian classical music, especially to an instrument called Nadhaswaram (pipe). I was also a part of this tradition until our Lord spoke to me through LIGHTNING and THUNDER and anointed me with His Holy Spirit. Just as the Lord chose David, who played the harp for Him, I feel He has predestined me to Glorify Him through my music. He called me for His Ministry seven years ago, and since then, I have been ministering His word to His people through the music of Nadhaswaram and the power of the Gift of the Word of God.

My Family

I am blessed with two sons, Sonu and Aashiq, and my wife, Ester, has been a driving force for our ministry. Her prayers for my salvation for 10 long years were finally answered when I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, who transformed my life and gave us this ministry of “Lightning and Thunder.” He has blessed our ministry abundantly as He has used me to travel not only in many parts of India but also to many nations, which include SRILANKA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, QATAR, SWITZERLAND, NETHERLANDS, PARIS, GERMANY LONDON, CANADA, AND The USA.

Many people have come to know Christ through Gospel meetings in many churches in these nations and are encouraged by the Word of God.


As they say, music runs in my blood. My family has always been in the limelight for our dedication to classical music, especially my Grandfather, PADMASHRI DR. SHEIK CHINNA MOULANA. He has performed Indian traditional Nadhaswaram concerts in different part’s of the world on behalf of the Indian Government. Our family has been performing on the radio & television for many years and has made India proud with its talents. My grandfather is the recipient of “PADMASHRI” the highest honor given to any Indian musician; the state Government of Tamil Nadu has also honored us with DOCTORATE & KALAIMAMAI.


Facts about Nadaswaram form the Word of God.

This sacred instrument is unique and has a special place in the Bible. I feel there is some divinity about this instrument. We have seen this instrument played at many auspicious occasions. Nadaswaram does not belong to any sector one religion. The Lord God Almighty after He created the heavens created the angelic hosts before He created man.

In Ezekiel 25:13 we read that God gave this instrument to Cherub to worship Him. In the course of time Cherub was cast down by God because of his high haughtiness. Cherub may have been cast down but the music was always cherished by God. This instrument still holds a significant place before God. We repeatedly see this instrument played at many occasions in the Bible.

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My ministry work


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